Technologically sovereign security monitoring and cyber defense platform for critical and complex infrastructures

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SOVEREIGN increases the technological sovereignty of critical infrastructures by developing a modular cyber defense platform based entirely on open software and open hardware. This is intended to ensure that the developed solutions are widely used and that the level of cyber security of German authorities, organizations and companies is sustainably increased. The platform implements zero-trust principles, can detect and prevent complex cyber attacks, and can be flexibly integrated into critical infrastructures as well as corporate and government networks. By sharing fine-grained threat intelligence between different platform instances, entire sectors can also be better protected against cyber attacks.

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In particular, the project will develop the following techniques:

  • A technologically sovereign zero-trust cyber defense platform based on open software and open, partially reconfigurable hardware.
  • Distributed monitoring of networks and systems including legally secure logging
  • AI-based methods for detection and attribution of complex cyber attacks (APT)
  • AI-based methods for dynamic risk assessment and business impact assessment of ongoing attacks
  • Privacy-friendly methods for sharing and operationalizing threat intelligence (TTP and cases)
  • AI-based selection and timing of methods for effective intrusion response
  • AI methods for automated vulnerability discovery and software patching


Advanced cyber attacks threaten companies, entire industries and national economies. Furthermore, many products and components used in critical infrastructures (CRITIS) are not manufactured in Europe or Germany. are manufactured. Critical infrastructures (CRITIS) are also complex socio-technical ecosystems. Previously isolated, these systems are becoming increasingly networked. This results in a higher vulnerability to attacks and in particular to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Project Goals

SOVEREIGN takes a holistic approach to enhancing the cyber security of critical infrastructures and will develop a resilient, AI and zero-trust-based cyber defense platform for this purpose. Designed as a modular building block, the platform brings passive and active sensors and actuators deep into critical infrastructures to detect, assess, treat and defend against security breaches as well as complex cyber attacks at an early stage.


The collaborative project is funded by the Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit under the program "Existenzbedrohende Risiken aus dem Cyber- und Informationsraum – Hochsicherheit in sicherheitskritischen und verteidigungsrelevanten Szenarien“ (engl. "Existence Threatening Risks from Cyber and Information Space - High Security in Security-Critical and Defense-Related Scenarios").